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Why choose Mobile Mercedes Service?

My service is unique in being very convenient and personal.

My customers value their cars, their time; and they totally appreciate my one-to-one honest, reliable service.
There’s also the added benefit of having me work on their vehicles right on their own doorsteps; openly, with nothing to hide in what I'm doing.

I show exactly what’s going on, and I point out any new discoveries in real time.
I’ll save you the trip to and from the dealer — and as a former Mercedes employee, you’ll receive the same standard of service directly from me at a more reasoble price.

What areas do you cover ?

I cover a very large area of the UK so please text me your postcode and ill reply with an estimate of costs.

What if my car is under warranty? If you service or work on my car will it invalidate my warranty?

I can service vehicles that are still in warranty and not invalidate — * Please follow the link below for more info * — 
The European Union legislation 'Block Exemption Regulations 1400/2002' (BER) came into force in October 2003.
The legislation changes the way your vehicle may be serviced and repaired; it also grants you the freedom to choose 'Mobile Mercedes Service' to service and repair your Mercedes, without invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty. 

What about my service history book and service reminder?

Your Mercedes service book is stamped with my personal stamp of authenticity; stating that I’m a Mercedes-Benz specialist — complete with all of my contact details and contact information. This can also be useful to future owners.
The service reminder in the instrument cluster is reset for notification of when the next service is due.

Why do cars need servicing?

It’s essential that you protect your costly investment by having your car serviced, and you should therefore always have your vehicle serviced at regular intervals.
Servicing your vehicle identifies problems that are current or in the beginning stage of developing; which can then be rectified or obliterated early on; prior to potentially escalating, or costing you a higher expense in the future.
More importantly, it’s a good idea to have your car inspected periodically to ensure your own piece of mind; knowing that the vehicle you’re driving is in a safe condition whilst transporting your passengers, friends, family, and self.

What about the weather?

My mobile workshop is equipped with the relevant resources (in the form of a foldaway canopy and vehicle awnings), which enable me to work in most situations; i.e. wind and mild rain.
In very rare circumstances — depending on the work required as well as the location, I may advise to reschedule our appointment for another day, or an alternative location.
I provide my own needs, including electric and other requirements.

Do you fit genuine Mercedes-Benz parts?

I use only genuine Mercedes-Benz parts.
These parts are of the best quality, they’re the most durable, and they’re also designed and manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. They come with a standard Mercedes parts warranty.

Different types of parts have different warranty timescales. 


How do you keep up with the latest technology for the new vehicles?

As a professional independent specialist I have the very latest diagnostic software, which is constantly updated in order to be able to access the latest onboard computer systems. In addition I have direct access to technical databases where I’m able to look up any technical or maintenance queries if they should arise. 

Can I watch you work?

I have no problem with customers viewing what I’m doing and asking questions, however, at times I’ll need total concentration — especially when working with complex situations and fault finding.

Why do you not answer your phone all the time ?

I work on my own and have many duties to carry out including parts ordering, driving between jobs, fault finding and talking to customers to name just a few so please just drop me a text message which is the easiest way for me to communicate and ill call you back asap on the day to discuss your requirements.

Whats your experience in the motor trade ?

I have been in the motor trade as a mechanic for 22+ years, i worked in many garages for short periods learning as much as possible from individuals and manufacturers before settling at MB UK then being made redundant which prompted me to start me own business.


x5 years apprenticeship on ferraris and prosches at a specialist garage


Audi main dealers x2 

Yamaha motorbikes 

VW assistance 

The AA 

Saab UK

Volvo Truck and bus 


Mercedes Benz UK 


Mobile Mercedes Mechanic 



After servicing your vehicle i will update any service and additional work carried out on the DIGITAL SERVIVE BOOKLET 

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